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We welcome everyone who sees the future of real estate investment as more accessible and democratic. Our platform is designed for investors, property owners, technology enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to change the way we invest and manage properties. We invite you to join our innovative community and immerse yourself in the future of real estate investment right now!

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You want to invest in real estate but don't have access to large capital, or you want to diversify your real estate portfolio.

Property Owners

You have a property and want to increase its liquidity and availability on the market.

Technology Enthusiasts

You are interested in modern technologies like blockchain and want to see how this innovation is applied in the real estate market.

Digital Asset Enthusiasts

You want to diversify your digital asset portfolio and invest some of your funds in more stable assets.

Passive Income Seekers

You want to generate passive income from real estate without the need to manage it.


You want to raise capital to start a project and sell fractions of future properties.

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Blockchain and digital real estate tokens are the next step in the evolution of the real estate market, which can bring many benefits to both investors and property owners.
Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch

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Invest in profitable real estate at a fraction of the cost!

Discover a new era of real estate investment! Invest in profitable real estate at a fraction of the cost with our innovative platform. Join us now and start your journey to profit in the world of real estate!

Invest in profitable real estate at a fraction of the cost!

Discover a new era of real estate investment! Invest in profitable real estate at a fraction of the cost with our innovative platform. Join us now and start your journey to profit in the world of real estate!

Real Estate Tokenization - the future that's already happening in other markets

Take a look at the future of real estate investment! Real estate tokenization is a trend that is already revolutionizing markets worldwide. Join our platform and learn how you can benefit from this revolution in the real estate sector.

Real Estate Tokenization - the future that's already happening in other markets

Take a look at the future of real estate investment! Real estate tokenization is a trend that is already revolutionizing markets worldwide. Join our platform and learn how you can benefit from this revolution in the real estate sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, participating in a real estate tokenization project does not make you the direct owner of the property in the traditional sense. Instead, you become the holder of tokens that represent shares in a specific property. These tokens are registered on the blockchain and reflect your participation in the real estate project.

In practice, this means that you have rights and shares in the property that are recorded on the blockchain. You can trade these tokens on the secondary market, providing flexibility in managing your investment. However, the formal legal ownership of the property is still registered with TOKENTE, the company managing the tokenization project.

It's important to understand that real estate tokenization allows investors to benefit from real estate-related advantages such as dividends or rental income without the need for direct property management. However, the status of token investors differs from traditional property owners, and all rights and obligations are governed by the terms and conditions in compliance with local regulations.

Your funds in a real estate tokenization project are secured using a promissory note issued by TOKENTE when you join the real estate project. Here's how your funds are secured::

Promissory Note as a Legal Instrument: A promissory note is a formal legal document that confirms the obligation of one party (the promissory note issuer, in this case, TOKENTE) to pay a specific amount of money to another party (the promissory note holder, in this case, you) on a specified date (the maturity date of the real estate project). Promissory notes are used in commercial transactions to formalize financial obligations.

Value of the Promissory Note as Collateral: In this case, the value of the promissory note will be equal to the value of your funds placed in the specific real estate project, serving as collateral for the investment in the real estate tokenization project. The promissory note issuer (TOKENTE) commits to repaying the funds on specific terms and conditions, providing investors with the assurance that their funds will be returned according to the agreement.

Transparency and Accountability: A promissory note is a legally documented instrument that can be traced and verified. This ensures transparency and allows investors to track their obligations and rights.

Compliance with Legal Regulations: Promissory notes are subject to specific legal regulations and must comply with local laws. This further protects the rights of investors and the promissory note issuer.

Role of the Managing Company: The company managing the real estate tokenization project (TOKENTE) is responsible for adhering to the agreements and regulations related to issuing and handling promissory notes. Their role is to ensure that promissory notes are used in accordance with agreements and safeguard the interests of investors.

Each real estate project placed on the TOKENTE platform has a predetermined duration, which is transparently indicated in the project description. In general, you can withdraw your funds after the specified project duration.

However, if you wish to withdraw your funds earlier, you can do so by selling your tokens on the secondary market through our platform. Additionally, in the future, the TOKENTE platform will offer other products and services, such as the opportunity to use the rental of properties managed by TOKENTE, in which case you will be able to use your tokens as payment for these services.

A RET Token is a unit of settlement on the platform. With it, you can participate in real estate projects on the platform and, in the future, you will be able to use it for other products and services, such as renting properties, offered on our platform.

DAO, or "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" is a type of organization that operates on the blockchain. It's a concept aimed at automating management and decision-making within an organization using blockchain technology.

In TOKENTE, each real estate project is a separate DAO, allowing you to have a say in the fate of the real estate project you are participating in. Detailed rules for the operation of DAOs are described in the terms and conditions.

Here are some key features of DAOs:

Decentralized Structure: DAOs are based on a decentralized structure, meaning there is no single central authority or management. Decisions are made by the community or DAO members on an equal basis.

Smart Contracts: DAOs use smart contracts on the blockchain to automate management processes. Smart contracts define the rules of the organization's operation and execution of operations.

Voting and Decisions: DAO members can vote on various issues and decisions, such as property sales, the selection of a property management company, and more. Voting is proportional to the ownership share in the DAO.

Transparency: Actions and decisions made within DAOs are transparent and publicly accessible on the blockchain. This ensures transparency in the organization's operations.

Security and Autonomy: Smart contracts that govern DAOs operate on the principle of "code is law," meaning their operation is immutable and direct. Decisions are made based on the code, not human arbitration.

Examples of Applications: DAOs can be applied in various contexts, from finance and investments to project management and community governance. Ethereum was one of the first blockchains to enable the creation of DAOs.

Asset tokenization is the process of representing traditional assets, such as real estate, company shares, artwork, or other valuable items, using digital tokens on the blockchain. Each token represents a specific portion of the asset and is usually secured and registered on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and security in transactions.

Asset tokenization offers several benefits, including:

Accessibility and Liquidity: It makes it easier for investors to access various assets and trade them more fluidly than traditional assets.

Portfolio Diversification: It allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio, spreading risk across different asset types.

Reduced Transaction Costs: It reduces transaction costs associated with trading and transferring ownership of assets.

Global Access: It enables investors from around the world to invest in various assets, regardless of their geographic location.

In Poland, as in other EU countries, asset tokenization is legal. Regulations related to digital assets are evolving dynamically to adapt to the changing reality of the market.

We use blockchain technology for several important reasons:

Security and Immutability: Blockchain ensures that once information, such as property ownership, is recorded, it cannot be altered without network consensus. This makes fraud related to document forgery more difficult, increasing trust in transactions.

Full Transparency: All transactions related to real estate tokenization are recorded on the blockchain, providing full transparency and data accessibility. Investors and property owners can check the transaction history at any time.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Using blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries, such as notaries or brokerage agencies. This, in turn, reduces transaction and administrative costs associated with real estate investments.

Global Access: Blockchain enables investors from different parts of the world to invest in real estate globally, without the need to cross geographic borders. This increases investment accessibility and portfolio diversification.

Property Subdivision: Tokenization allows real estate to be divided into smaller units, making it possible for investors to participate in lower-cost properties, increasing investment accessibility.

Trading on Secondary Markets: Real estate tokens registered on the blockchain can be easily and quickly traded on secondary markets. This provides liquidity to investors and the ability to exit positions quickly.

Automation and Programmability: Smart contracts that can be implemented on the blockchain allow for the automation of many aspects of investment, such as distributing rental income or voting on management issues.

Compliance and Regulations: Blockchain technology can help ensure compliance with local regulations and laws regarding real estate investments by maintaining strict transaction registration and control.

As a result, the use of blockchain technology in real estate tokenization brings a range of benefits, such as increased security, transparency, cost reduction, and increased accessibility for a wide range of investors. That's why blockchain has become a popular tool in transforming the real estate and investment market, even though the legal environment does not yet fully allow the potential of this technology to be harnessed in the real estate sector.

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We are a team of enthusiasts in the fields of blockchain technology, finance, and real estate. Our experience and knowledge in these areas allow us to create innovative solutions that combine these three areas into one revolutionary service - real estate tokenization.